Make no mistake, I love this town and the people that make up its wonderful tapestry-JB

This is not the same town I first came upon in my search. The people that put up roadblocks are no longer there and this town has embraced the same truth I've been chasing. The McCaysville Police Department is no longer living in the 1950's and is run by a professional and integrity based Police Chief and Mayor. Today, the good citizens of McCaysville are supportive and we appreciate them.  


For such a small town it sure packs a wallop. The town of McCaysville has experienced a revival from the time I first stepped foot there in the early 80's and today it is a vibrant, beautiful place to live and visit. Two rivers, two bridges, two towns and two states -- the Copper Basin is "Too great for one state." As the destination for both the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway and the Tennessee Valley Railroad, the twin towns of McCaysville, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee, have so much to offer.

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