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Hicks Babies Unite!!

Welcome! This is the first blog of many and is centered on those sold or those having a baby stolen through the Hicks Clinic in McCaysville, Georgia. You'll see posts on basic research tools and genealogy connections, either through Hicks Babies themselves or professionals lending us a hand. There are several genealogists offering help-but, unless you see them listed on our site, we do not endorse them. And that goes for anyone working their own line associated to the Hicks Clinic, if you don't see it here, they're not endorsed by us. And of course, we're always here to support.

I'm so glad you found your way to the site and hope you either get the guidance you need to search or just enjoy as you take it all in. We are the now grown, babies sold by Thomas J. Hicks from his clinic in McCaysville, Georgia. The site is new and everyday we're adding to it so check back in for more posts and pics. If your searching, check out the McCaysville Lost and Found-created by and for anyone connected to the clinic that may need help. If you're not a Hicks Baby but are connected somehow, either by familial relation, a supporter, or just LOVE us, you are considered HICKS CLINIC ALUMNI. And we welcome you to the group!

TLC Docu-Series on the Hicks Clinic and the Hicks Babies from McCaysville, Georgia. Photo courtesy of TLC

The Hicks Babies were featured on the TLC docu-series Taken at Birth and the search continues...

I was the Hicks Baby to research my birth quest and then investigate the Hicks Clinic and Doctor Hicks for years and then break the story in 1997-opening the door for many others to begin their 'adoption' search. We use the term 'adoption' lightly because these were not adoptions-they were transactions. There were more than 200 hundred of us and we are still seeking, hoping more Hicks Babies will come forward-some may not even know they are 'adoptees' many that came forward in 1997.

Our circumstance does not make who we are and we are not defined by what anyone says about us, we're adults now. The dealings at the Hicks Clinic were dark and still hold many secrets-our secrets. And they're not to KEEP.

The twin cities of Copperhill, Tennessee, and McCaysville, Georgia, are a lively, exuberant pair today and this is no reflection on the modern day townspeople and administration. The current Mayor, Thomas Seabolt, has assisted us and we appreciate his help with the history of McCaysville. The McCaysville Police Department is nothing like what was in power when Doc Hicks was running the Hicks Clinic-in fact, its quite the opposite and I have nothing but respect for the Chief and his staff of Officers, they are the best.

Visit the area and you'll see beautiful landscapes and experience friendly and inviting restaurants, shops, and locals.

Current picture of the Hicks Clinic in McCaysville, Georgia.

Back door of the Hicks Clinic, McCaysville, Georgia.

We will KEEP DIGGING until the last lead is resolved, we will KEEP MOVING until everyone from the Hicks Clinic has the support they need.

Join us on our journey and come along side to share in our accomplishments and joy in overcoming our circumstance. We welcome and THANK YOU for the support!

Jane Blasio

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