• Jane Blasio

What I Know

What do I know? Every day brings new meaning to that question. Some days nothing above average and then others, I feel like I know it all. Usually, someone or something shows me what I'm lacking. Occasionally, I know a thing or two.

I can tell you how to surveil, track, or locate people or things. I can cheer you on with a feather or a heavy stick, whichever is needed, with the absolute intent on moving you through a search. I can discuss The Art of War as easily as I can Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice being my standout favorite. Quoting Springsteen and Rich Mullins is equal effort for me.

What I know about myself is probably the better question than what knowledge I hold. The insights clearer as the years stack up and I can look back on more than what lays ahead, the spent years handed off to my future with the fervor of a relay team. What I wish I had known or someone would've told me a long time ago. The things I know are simple lessons learned by mistakes or watching others navigate their faux pas.

1997 and all of the sudden I'm a subject matter expert for the Hicks Clinic and the day to day life of Thomas Jugarthy Hicks. Pursuing a Juris Doctorate and being a lawyer would've been easier, but even with all of the challenges and hiccups, I wouldn't change much. Maybe just a few small things.


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