• Jane Blasio

Where Did The Babies Go?

Over the years, I've been asked a lot of questions about adoption search. Mostly about Doc Hicks and the clinic. What was he like? Was he evil or good? What kind of people

were the birthmothers? So many questions and never a really good answer that fits generically. The depth of those questions cannot be fittingly answered on social media or given in an email. I've always found it best to discuss as a one on one conversation. One of my questions-where did the babies go-sticks in my throat sometimes. Because it's very complicated and burdened, a question which brings about a hundred more questions.

Which babies, the 'adopted' or the abortions? Both, really. Who took them? How did anyone know where to go to get one or two? And the questions pile up like a bonfire, flames and all.

If you're an adoptee, whether from the Hicks Clinic or not, I hope you have found or are finding where you came from. I hope you're finding home.

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