Finding Home

My birth search began in the early 80s when I turned 18, a journey

that has taken me from phone calls, pre-internet research, knocking

on doors and meeting in back parking lots at night, to DNA matches

and a blackmarket business run by a small town doctor that sold

200+ babies with their history erased. In 1997, after 13+ years of

searching, I broke the story of the Hicks Clinic and doctor Thomas

Jugarthy Hicks, a baby seller.  

It continues today as I facilitate other adoptees and their families throughout the searching and striving to find closure, peace of mind.

Hearts heal when truth is revealed and restored to those who have

lost medical and historical ties through illegal and legal adoption.


As an investigator and 'adoptee' searching my entire life for family, I

want you to know to keep digging and moving forward and you're

not alone. My life has been a continuous reminder that God is in

control and guides those that seek Him. Jesus loves you and has a

plan for your life. 

Your familial history and medical information is your right to know.  Embrace your life and what you share with others and know you're family to me and loved no matter what you find in your search. God has been there every step of the way for me and I want you to know you're not in this alone. 

If you are one of the Hicks Babies or connected to the Hicks Clinic and want assistance with your search or just want to find out more, visit the McCaysville Lost and Found page of this site. 

Disclaimer: I strive to practice under the "Wise as a Serpent and gentle as a Dove-Matt10:16​" construct and by no means am I perfect.

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