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McCaysville Lost and Found

Doc Hicks was NO saint and we recognize his dysfunction, the pain he caused many, and have learned to bear it.  

We are the Hicks Babies, parents, health professionals, and genealogists-a search and support group for those connected to the Hicks Clinic in McCaysville, Georgia. 

McCaysville Lost and Found serves as search facilitation and provides a support touchpoint for Hicks Babies and families in the beginning, amidst, or completed their birth quest.  

We share our stories, experiences, and subject matter expertise to provide a solid foundation for search and healing.  

Initial consultation and guidance is provided free, searches requiring extensive genealogy builds will be referred and may have a fee attached. 

We walk you through the initial DNA submission with a DNA repository (Ancestry/23&Me/etc) and the DNA matches. We give guidance on next steps, and will be available to troubleshoot as you make your way through your search.

**To get started-begin the DNA process through Ancestry, 23&Me or another one of the big DNA sites by activating an account.

We'll always be available with a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and a lot of comedic relief to help you navigate the emotional journey. 

This is a safe place, we do not condone hate or violating privacy. We do not blame, gas light, run over, or shame anyone.  We won't be involved in the destruction of others-if you're attempting to drag anyone into court for their money or to defame them-go somewhere else for your search. This is your life, this is our life, and we're worth living within the boundaries of integrity and respect. This is about RESTORATION.

Leave a detailed message in the contact form below and we'll respond as quickly as possible. 

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