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As a baby sold at birth, I’ve made my way through life asking a lot of questions. Born and sold out of the Hicks Clinic in McCaysville, Georgia, to a couple from Akron, Ohio, as you can imagine, I grew up always looking for answers. I’ve made my way as an investigator, first as a novice and then as a professional. Gaining an education in English and Criminal Justice from the University of Akron.

Beginning in the private sector in my late teens, cutting my teeth with basic private investigations research casework, to surveillance for workers compensation fraud and continuing with my work in birth family search, I’ve

covered all the bases of working with people and situations. Today I’m considered a subject matter expert in the field of black market adoption search, my expertise is contributed to the decades in the making, unraveling of the mystery of the Hicks Clinic.

I was the first adoptee to search for the truth of what went on at the Hicks Clinic and broke the case and subsequent story in 1997.

My personal birth search, as well as, acting as a search facilitator and representative for those sold by Doctor Thomas Hicks, has personalized my expertise and reputation. Today, I continue to assist those who are still bound to the Hicks Clinic and looking for answers. I’ve found what I was looking for but the search of what happened in the clinic will not end until the deception which has marked everyone it touches, is burned off and truth restored. Truth that is owed to all of us lost and torn from the Hicks Clinic.


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